The Myth

The Myth

We all have that one thing. That one thing we go after; that myth or idealization that we think will change our lives. We think that by obtaining it everything will change. Suddenly our lives will be great and all of our problems will be solved. Most of the time it is something hard to obtain, and in some cases it is impossible to obtain.
Sometimes we obtain it and we want more; we want to go even further. This happens because in reality that one thing won’t make everything right; it can give you an instant high but that’s all.
Sometimes we lose everything else we had on the persuit of that one thing. And then suddenly after acomplishing it everything turns grey; we have that one thing and surprise: We are more miserable than before. We are more miserable because now we know it. Now we know that acomplishing that goal wasn’t the anwser.
So now I tell you:
Don’t go after the myth, it’s all a lie. It won’t magically improve your life. It won’t make it, it’ll just break it. Don’t give your soul in exchange of something that won’t give you a longterm happiness.

P.S: A myth can be almost everything. Every person has one; it can be money, fame, drugs, status or something else. But then again remember it’s all a myth. Don’t go after the lie.
And yes. Easier said than done.



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