Heaven and Hell

I was thinking to myself. This could be heaven or this could be hell. – Hotel California

But me… I was thinking maybe this would’t be heaven and maybe it wouldn’t be hell either. I was thinking this was going to be something different. A place in between. Maybe heaven and hell don’t even exist. All we have are heavenly moments and hell-like moments. But one or the other? No, not in this life at least. And you know what? It is okay, it is worth it. Maybe just a second will be worth it. But what does it matter, at least you will have had that second. But not living isn’t a choice. Giving up, not following your dreams isn’t a choice. Not anymore. What life can that be? You will always have hell in your life so why the hell do you have to make the 24 hours of the day a living hell? Why can’t you give yourself some seconds of happiness? Why does everything have to be about trying to avoid hell? Instead of trying to live heavenly moments in between? And I guess the answer to that question would be that we are living daily hells, to avoid hell itself. That  doesn’t make much sense. But the human mind can be clouded by fears and other type of obstacles. And it is very sad, to have lived a daily hell everyday, just to realize when you are old, that truly you haven’t even lived at all.



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