Heaven and Hell

I was thinking to myself. This could be heaven or this could be hell. – Hotel California

But me… I was thinking maybe this would’t be heaven and maybe it wouldn’t be hell either. I was thinking this was going to be something different. A place in between. Maybe heaven and hell don’t even exist. All we have are heavenly moments and hell-like moments. But one or the other? No, not in this life at least. And you know what? It is okay, it is worth it. Maybe just a second will be worth it. But what does it matter, at least you will have had that second. But not living isn’t a choice. Giving up, not following your dreams isn’t a choice. Not anymore. What life can that be? You will always have hell in your life so why the hell do you have to make the 24 hours of the day a living hell? Why can’t you give yourself some seconds of happiness? Why does everything have to be about trying to avoid hell? Instead of trying to live heavenly moments in between? And I guess the answer to that question would be that we are living daily hells, to avoid hell itself. That  doesn’t make much sense. But the human mind can be clouded by fears and other type of obstacles. And it is very sad, to have lived a daily hell everyday, just to realize when you are old, that truly you haven’t even lived at all.




A big mistake we make when it comes to making a change is thinking that things will change right away. That thought right there can lead directly to failure. Because you won’t see results right away. Everything that is worth it takes time. And weather we like it or not; the things we have done in the past keep having sequels. 

Yes, you don’t only have to work on your goal, you have to keep grabbing them sequels that will be falling from the sky across the process.

Because making a change is not like making coffee, it is complex. It’s all about the process, but then again you’ll still always have coffee.


Are you believing in magic? – ¿Sigues creyendo en la magia?

Y bueno… Después de mucho raciocinio y mucho pensarlo, te respondería que la magia y los milagros probablemente no existen. Te respondería que no creo en las casualidades, o en el destino… Te respondería que la vida es probablemente más dura de lo que pensamos cuando somos chicos… Te respondería que a veces creer que todo estará bien no es suficiente. Te respondería que en momentos, he perdido la fe, que en momentos he pensado que todo es negro.
Pero también te diría que elijo creer, que si me dan a escoger entre la verdad y la mentira; elijo la mentira. Y la elijo no por ignorancia o falta de conocimiento sino que la elijo porque es lo que nos mantiene vivos. La elijo porque en ocasiones algunas cosas, de alguna manera si que parecen magia, aunque no lo sean. La elijo porque cuando era pequeña me servía creer en ella. La elijo porque estoy cansada del pesimismo, y estoy cansada de pensar que la vida no es nada más que un cúmulo de situaciones sin ningún sentido. La elijo porque a pesar de que pueda no existir, me da esperanza; me da vida.
Porque almenos a mi el pragmatismo no me ha servido hasta ahora, y estoy bastante cansada. ¿Sabes? Estoy cansada de ver la vida de la manera que la he visto hasta ahora. Y sí, elijo creer en algo más sencillo, en algo fácil y pragmático. Porque al menos yo sí creo que hay gente buena en este mundo, creo que hay seres humanos que valen la pena, creo que a veces se conoce a personas que hacen la diferencia y que existen cosas que te llenan de alegría. Aunque sea ir un día al cine, escuchar una canción, o algo tan sencillo como ayudar a alguien que quieres. No todas las grandes cosas tienen que ser difíciles.
Y bueno finalmente te diría que no dejes de creer, que si te preguntan digas que crees en la magia. Que la vives a diario y que es ella la que te da el impulso. Te diría que no solo lo dijeras, sino que te lo creyeras. Porque al final del día lo importante no es ser fuerte sino sentirse fuerte. Te diría que no pensaras que lo que te digo es conformismo o comodidad, sino que es lo que te impulsará, porque lo demás; el éxito, llegará por añadidura. Llegará si haces lo que haces porque te gusta; porque lo amas. Si haces lo que haces porque algo más fuerte que lo terrenal es lo que te impulsa. Porque al final todos los recursos de este mundo se agotan. ¿Sabes? Y solo algo fuera del mundo, te mantendrá en lo alto.

And well, after a lot of thinking, I would tell you that magic and miracles probably don’t exist. I would tell you that I don’t believe in coincidences, or destiny. I would tell you that life probably is a lot harder than what we used to think when we were children… I would tell you that sometimes thinking that everything is going to be okay, isn’t enough. I would tell you that at times, I have lost all faith, and that I haven’t seen anything but darkness…
But I would also tell you that today I choose to believe, that if I have to choose between the truth and a lie, I would choose the lie. And I would choose it not because it’s simpler but because it is what keeps us alive. I would choose it because sometimes, some things do look like magic, even if they aren’t. I would choose it because when I was little, believing in it, helped me. I would choose it because I’m tired of pesimism, and I’m tired of believing that life is nothing but the product of a Big Bang. I would choose it because even though it might not exist, it gives me hope, it keeps me alive. Because at least in my case being too rational hasn’t worked so far, and I’m pretty tired already. You know? I’m tired of looking at life the way I have been so far. And yes, I do choose to believe in something simpler and easier. Because I do believe in the good people of this world. I do believe that there are humans that are worth the fight. I believe in those people that you meet that make all the difference. And I believe that there are things that embellish your soul. Simple things like watching a movie, listening to music, or just helping someone you love. The best things in life can’t be bought.

And to finish it all up, I would tell you to never stop believing. That if they ask you, you tell them that you do believe in magic. That you experiment it daily and that it gives you the power to keep going. I would tell you to not only say it to them, but to believe it to yourself. Because at the end of the day what is important is to feel strong, not to be strong. I would tell you not to think that what I tell you means that you are being mediocre. I would tell you that this belief will give you the strenght you need, because everything else is going to come in addition. It will come if you do what you do because you like it; because you love it. If you do what you do because something greater than this world moves you. Because at the end of the day all of the tools in this world don’t last, they are temporary. Only something that is out of this world will keep you high above.

A Well-Oiled Mind

When life gets busy, I tend to forget to write. In a way I guess, I also forget about my feelings and my thoughts. And even though is good to disconnect for a while, is always necessary to go back and check how your mind is working; you see: Our mind is like a machine, if we do not oil it constantly, it starts getting rusty. We have to keep it clean, we have to take care of it. At the end of the day she is the one in charge of all of our actions. And I guess this post is super simple, just to remind you and remind myself to take care of the mind, to keep exposing thoughts, to keep sharing and learning.


The “greyness” of life


First of all I want you to look at the picture, at all the colors it has.
Why does everything have to be black or white? Grey is beautiful. If the picture was all white or all black, you wouldn’t be able to see anything. Is the different tones of grey what makes it beautiful and also; human. Visible to the human eye. You can’t expect black and white results in your life because then you will miss to see the grey. And if you miss to see the grey you won’t value it.
And I guess this doesn’t apply to every one, thankfully a lot of people out there do value the “greyness” of life. However there is also a porcentage out there who are so busy and so obsessed with trying to be perfect that they don’t see past that. And what is even more sad is that perfection doesn’t exist. That means that they will be striving for an unobtainable persuit. Wow, how tiring, to spend your days fighting for something you will never reach. It doesn’t matter in what field it is that you are striving to be perfect; whether it is at work, at school, in your family etc… You will never be able to reach it. Never. And it hurts to hear that, I know, it hurts to admit it. But it is necessary. Because only without the weight of having to be perfect off your shoulders, you will allow yourself to be good. And that’s all you can be; because perfect, perfect you can’t be.

“Now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.”


Most people are afraid to follow their true passion. Because passionate people are seen as crazy, delusional and unique. They are driven by passion. Thay aren’t crazy; is just that they are so passionate that they don’t care. If you want to please everyone and do what is seen as “right” you won’t choose what you love and you won’t be crazy, but you won’t have passion. And what a sad existence that is.


P.S: This is just a little note, about my philosophy regarding a profession.
If you like it, and share it, watch Steve Jobs speech for the Stanford graduates. He is the the biggest inspiration ever. Ciao 😊

The Myth

The Myth

We all have that one thing. That one thing we go after; that myth or idealization that we think will change our lives. We think that by obtaining it everything will change. Suddenly our lives will be great and all of our problems will be solved. Most of the time it is something hard to obtain, and in some cases it is impossible to obtain.
Sometimes we obtain it and we want more; we want to go even further. This happens because in reality that one thing won’t make everything right; it can give you an instant high but that’s all.
Sometimes we lose everything else we had on the persuit of that one thing. And then suddenly after acomplishing it everything turns grey; we have that one thing and surprise: We are more miserable than before. We are more miserable because now we know it. Now we know that acomplishing that goal wasn’t the anwser.
So now I tell you:
Don’t go after the myth, it’s all a lie. It won’t magically improve your life. It won’t make it, it’ll just break it. Don’t give your soul in exchange of something that won’t give you a longterm happiness.

P.S: A myth can be almost everything. Every person has one; it can be money, fame, drugs, status or something else. But then again remember it’s all a myth. Don’t go after the lie.
And yes. Easier said than done.